i do most of my reading at night. but lately i’ve been too exhausted even to read.

so i got to read tonight and this is what i found.

“The peculiar thing about Solomon’s journey is that it began undeniably with God. It was God who gave him the gift of wisdom, but wisdom didn’t remove the doubts and questions that haunt us all.

Instead of running to God, he chose to run from God.

He searched for meaning everywhere except in God, and it nearly drove him out of his mind. Ecclesiastes is filled with cynicism, bitterness, and hedonism. It is also strangely empty of God, except to question God.

Solomon traveled far form where he began, only to return to there in the end.

Having searched the world

for meaning,

he concludes that life

is meaningless



and that only in God

will we ever find

the meaning

our souls long for.”

soul cravings, erwin mcmanus