my girl jamie took me out for a day of surprises. i had no clue where we were headed.

1st stop: starbucks. a great day out wouldn’t be complete without a java chip frappe double blended.

2nd stop: dodgers stadium. we had great seats in the reserve deck right behind home plate. we stayed until the 11 inning. they were stilled tied (1-1) so we decided to head out before the traffic. baseball i one of my favorite sports to go to. a great group event.

3rd stop: universal city walk. went to “saddle ranch” for dinner. had a chicken wrap and garlic mash potatoes (sorry kris). while we were there someone gave us tickets for a concert at the amphitheater.

4th stop: gibson amphitheater. it was a cover band called “save new wave”. we only stayed for like 2 songs not because it was bad just not our thing. on our way out we saw some shops…

5th stop: universal studios. how we ended up inside i don’t know, but there we were in the theme park. we walked around a little and then decided to go on “The Mummy” ride. It was a great start but ended short. after that we headed into the special effects show. we weren’t super inpressed but it was fun.

one last stop at “popcornapolis” for a candy apple and delicious caramel popcorn.

thanks jamie for a great day! love ya. ;-

p.s. check back later for pictures.