if you read my blog on a regular basis you know that i have been reading erwin mcmanus’, soul cravings.  i am loving this book.

you have to when he uses star wars to explain spirituality.

“The way of the Jedi is a life of honor but also a life of detachment.  You must give up your right to love, to feel, and even to be loved.  You must learn to live a life absent of desire…

Spirituality and desire are not in conflict from the perspective of Jesus.  In fact, he teaches that genuine spirituality results in the passionate pursuit of life…

At the same time we must heed the warning of the Sith, that unrestrained passions, passions lacking a moral compass, will lead us to a life that is self-destractive and will hurt anyone who chooses to come near to us.”

may the force be with you all. 😉