working for a church you never know whats gonna happen. father’s day is next sunday and i may have to work. in anticipation of that becoming a reality i moved father’s day up a week. so today i spent the day with dad.

lance david montgomery:

he grew up in riverside during the 70-80’s grunge hippies. he was the lead guitarist in a local band “wirez” who won battle of the bands in corona in the 80’s. he had a custom guitar shop on tyler, “lantz’ custom guitars”. on the verge of being signed he had to make a choice, family or the band. he gave up that dream of becoming a rockstar to be home with us. he likes to say he came out of “retirement” early to work building cabinets and eventually ending up at fleetwood motorhomes.

this year my parents bought the new wii for hd. i wanted to give him back his dream…

to become a guitar hero.

my guitar hero dad