a friend posted this on her myspace.
it gives a description of those born in each specific month. here’s mine.
its the good, the bad & the not so sexy me.
read it to see if you see any similarities.

fun to be with. loves to try new things. boys love you. you are very hott.
secretive. difficult to fathom & to be understood. quiet unless excited or tensed.
takes pride in oneself. has a reputation. easily consoled. honest.
concerned about people’s feelings. tactful. friendly. approachable.
emotional temperamental & unpredictable. moody & easily hurt. witty & sparkly.
spazzy at times. not revengeful. forgiving but never forgets.
dislikes nonsensical & unnecessary things. guides others physically & mentally.
sensitive & forms impressions carefully. caring & loving. treats others equally.
strong sense of sympathy. wary & sharp. judges people through observations.
hardworking. no difficulties in studying. always broods about the past & the old friends.
waits for friends. never looks for friends. not aggressive unless provoked. loves to be loved.
easily hurt but takes long to recover.