i’d like to get a shout out to jenelle herman. thank you for inviting me to the uganda prayer meeting monday night.

this weekend i watched blood diamond and it broke my heart. i was so completely disturbed
by the way the children who had been abducted were brainwashed into killing people without hesitation. the hearts, souls, minds of the children changed forever.

so when jenelle invited me to a night of prayer for uganda i had to be there. the next day was a typical “monday” and it was hard to even think of doing or going anywhere but home after work. i fought the urge, went and was incredibly blessed to be a part of this prayer meeting.

libby, turn network, passed out pray cards with pictures of workers and orphans from favor of god ministries. these people have faces, names, families… they cannot be ignored anymore. it put a face on what is happening in uganda, its not something i can ignore any longer.

they 33 children in this orphanage and only 13 are fully funded. pray about how you can be apart of changing the face of uganda.