that word might means nothing when it is followed by things we do not understand and can not control.

last tuesday before sandals staff meeting i was at the doctors.  i injured my wrist 2 years ago and had had flare ups in pain for months but nothing like the last 2 months.  it was so bad i couldn’t hold a pen let alone write with it.  i traded cars with my dad because the stick was becoming to painful.  and now i know how to use a computer mouse with my left so that i  can still work.  all that to say i thought it was the old injury.

3 weeks ago they took blood to test for arthritis.  last tuesday my result came back positive for arthritis commonly associated with lupus cases.

so now i am dealing with doctor who don’t take me seriously and i have to wait another week to start the process.

i’m a little frustrated and anxious to know what is going on with me.  i might have lupus… or i might not.

please pray for me.  i’m trying live day by day without worry, but its hard.