i go every month to support amanda and “eat mor chikin”.  usually i’ll find a group to sit with and i’ll be there the whole night.  this time i had a mission. 

several months ago i was moved to the “creative” team at sandals.  it has been a great change, but a challenging one.  the multi-media team consists of justin, larissa and me.  its been exciting, fun,  trying and exhuasting at times.

at sandals we rely on the media team for everything.  and this trio can’t do it alone anymore.  so my mission and the mission of sandals is to find those who would be willing to volunteer their time during the week to build this team.

we need people who can sew, build sets, create for web and print media, film and edit for sunday announcements and more.

if you have a desire to your creativity at sandals please let us know.  contact the office 951.637.8800 or email  tasha@sandalschurch.com