i drove out 2 redlands for the chick-fil-a grand opening. my first.i got there just before 4pm and signed in as #80. met up with several die hards (of sandals & chick-fil-a), matt van, georgia, amanda jones, her brother brendan (sp?), geoff & joyce parish, bogie & eddie from the office.

its been a while since i’ve camped out all night like that. good times.

we played games. ate chick-fil-a. played name that tv/movie tune. got hit on the head by a group of guys jumping for a flying cow. i feel bruised from my shoulders up.

played degrees of seperation. ex: will smith to tobey maguire. this is where we got stuck at 3am.

then we heard sprinklers.

we all jumped to our feet to keep from getting wet, with little success. moved everything. got settled.

heard more sprinklers. moved again. got settled.

again more sprinklers. moved. gave up on sleeping.

andrew came to our rescue gave up his tent. got 1 1/2 hours mild sleep. headache from head bashing earlier.

must get more sleep.